About Ayeland Co

Ayeland co

Ayeland Co was created in 2018 by Samantha Glasgow- half scottish/half french self taught highland cow illustrator. She fell in love with the coos when she moved to Scotland in 2013. She creates her designs to share her passion with other highland cow lovers. Even though she is now back in France, she still enjoys imagining new cow designs.


Our mission

Conquer the world! No.. just kidding. We absolutely adore highland cows so Ayeland co’s mission is to promote highland cows as the breed is often not known by people. How do we do this? By creating with passion and temper the most adorable and fun highland cow merchandise.


Our vision and values

Conquer the world! This time it's true... We would love to see our designs all over the word. We want everyone to be able to access our products this is why we offer free shipping worldwide. 

We love a good laugh and put smiles on people's face this is why we can sometimes offer designs with a crude sense of humour but this is just because Scottish people like a good banter and we do too.

We want to interact with people and give you what you are looking for. Thus If you have any product ideas or if you just want to give us feedback or just say hello, please drop us a message through the contact us page.